Park Circle Restaurants

EVO Craft Bakery – Park Circle

EVO Craft Bakery - Park Circle, North Charleston I stopped by EVO Craft Bakery today to pick up a loaf of crusty bread.  A good crusty bread is hard to find, but at EVO Craft Bakery you can be assured that your bread will be just the right amount of crusty. My favorite thing is to take a slice of this Semolina bread, add a little salted butter to it then enjoy.  So simple, but yet so amazingly good. ...

Park Pizza Co. – Park Circle

Watching the Gamecocks in the College World Series really builds up an appetite, and what better way to satisfy that appetite than by ordering a pizza from your neighborhood pizza place.  In Park Circle, you're lucky to have two really good options, but when I want something delivered right to my house, I always call Park Pizza Co.  If you really want to know, I did not order the heart shaped pizza in...

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