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Park Circle Duck - The Duck, The Myth, The Legend

Park Circle Duck – The Duck, The Myth, The Legend

Park Circle Duck - The Duck, The Myth, The Legend In 1928, the first rubber ducks were created as chew toys. In the 1940s, those rubber ducks developed into the iconic floating yellow figure we know today.By 2013, this lovable bathtub toy was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame.But in 2018, the biggest rubber duck scandal to hit North America happened right here, in Park Circle. Over the...

Happy Holidays 2013

Happy Holidays 2013 Happy Holidays! Wishing everyone a happy and joyous season! Hope all my "Real Deal Club" members are enjoying their new homes and looking forward to inducting more members in the new year!...

How I Became a Realtor and Learned to Fly

Alright, I lied.  I didn't learn how to fly, but I did become a Realtor. My friend stopped by my office yesterday because he was interested in becoming one and wanted to ask me a few questions about how I did it.  Specifically, how I transitioned from a full-time job to being a full-time Realtor. With everything in life, there are risks you need to be willing to take.  In my case, I left a good...

Charleston Movie Theaters - Park Circle Films - Real Deal with Neil

Charleston Movie Theaters – Park Circle Films and Cinebarre

Charleston Movie Theaters come in all different shapes and sizes, but this past weekend I had the opportunity to watch a movie at two entirely different venues.  On Saturday night, I visited the Olde North Charleston Picture House located at 4820 Jenkins Ave. in Park Circle.  This little building located across the street from the North Charleston High School is transformed into an intimate screening...

Dishcrawl Charleston - Real Deal with Neil

DishCrawl – Upper King St.

Every now and then I get an interesting event that embodies how cool it is it live in Charleston, and this event is one of them.  The event is called Dishcrawl, and it's like a pub crawl, except less intoxicating (in a good way).  A Dishcrawl is a guided, walkable tour of particular areas in Charleston which allows you to explore 4 restaurants in one night!  The reason I was so intrigued by it is...

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