Park Circle Residents’ Top 20 Hurricane Prep Tips

Park Circle Residents' Top 20 Hurricane Prep Tips

Hurricane season is almost upon us and we all know the saying “Better safe than sorry.” A number of Facebook posts in recent years have asked Park Circle residents for their best tips during hurricane season, so I compiled a list of the top 20. Stay safe this season and see you around the Circle!

  1. Contact your home insurance agent and double-check your coverages. If your home gets damaged, you’ll want to know what your deductibles are and exactly what kind of damage you’re covered for.
  2. Make sure you have extra batteries and flashlights.
  3. Purchase a battery-powered phone charger or a power inverter that will allow you to use your vehicle as an AC outlet.
  4. Make sure you have enough gas for generators and chain saws and you make sure all your vehicles are full of gas.
  5. Get extra cash. If a hurricane causes the power to go out, it can be difficult to access your funds via an ATM machine.
  6. Email yourself copies of important documents – SS card, birth certificates, insurance info for home, life, cars.
  7. Freeze individual ziplock bags with ice and should the power go off, at least you’ll have drinking water!
  8. Fill all available containers with drinking water (if you don’t have containers, dollar tree sells large refillable water jugs) and make sure to wash all your clothes, towels and sheets.
  9. Fill your bathtub with water and you can use it for tank water to flush your toilet.
  10. If your trash can and lawn furniture can’t be put in a garage, then tie them together and secure them to a fence.
  11. If you don’t have sandbags, you can fill garbage bags with water and put them in front of the doors.
  12. If you evacuate, place a penny on top of a frozen cup of water in your freezer. If the PENNY has moved into the glass you will know if your refrigerator and the power were off.
  13. Don’t post on social media that you are evacuating! Looters love this information.
  14. Get bug spray. Standing water attracts mosquitos and mosquitos bite.
  15. Download movies and shows from Netflix so if the power/internet goes out, then you can watch them without streaming.
  16. Lawn and leaf bags! You will need them for cleaning up post-storm.
  17. Do not park your car under a tree.
  18. The City of North Charleston has damage assessment teams that can come out to survey your home or business for damage after a storm. If you have damage call, (843) 740-2562.
  19. Buy all the booze.
  20. Buy toilet paper.

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