Crime Mapping App for your Iphone

I don’t know how many times I’ve been sitting around doing nothing, just wishing I could map crimes in my neighborhood.  With the Free Raids Online Mobile App I can!  Now I can see how safe my neighborhood is from the safety of my own home.  When you choose a place to live you definitely want to make sure that the neighborhood you’re about to live in is safe.  One way to do it was to go to the closest police station and ask for a crime report, but those were the old days.  Nowadays, crime reports are available online and on your phone!  Raids Online ( is a crime mapping website that shows you specific crimes being committed, when they were reported and the location.  Right now they only have a few locations in the state of South Carolina, but North Charleston is one of them.  Just recently, Raids online came out with the Raids Online Mobile App, which allows you to do the same things you could do on your home computer, but now you can analyze crime on-the-go.  You can download the FREE RAIDS Online Mobile app from iTunes at this link.

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