The Pink Crocodile

Park Circle Holiday Bizarre

Park Circle Holiday Bizarre The holiday season is all about giving, but what if you just can't find that perfect gift? Well, look no further than the Park Circle Holiday Bizarre (Bazaar!) happening this Saturday, December 16th from 12 to 6pm! Park Circle has developed a pretty good reputation over the years as a destination for good food, drinks and fun, but in the last few months, a number of...

The Pink Crocodile – Park Circle Retail

The Pink Crocodile - Park Circle, North Charleston, SC - NOW CLOSED I had the opportunity to stop by The Pink Crocodile in Park Circle yesterday to pick up a chapstick for my wife. It wasn't just any chapstick, it was a special chapstick that my wife specifically said I could only get at The Pink Crocodile. This was the first time I had ever set foot into this new retail spot located in the business...

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