Park Circle Market Update – June 2021

Park Circle Market Update - June 2021

Summer is in full swing and the Real Estate market is still red hot with very few signs of cooling. Prices continue to soar, but lumber prices are thankfully starting to come back down. Unfortunately, due to Covid-related restrictions, the cost of paint is going up due to limited supply. This is bad news for those still looking to freshen up their home with a pop of color.

Let’s take a look at the market stats in Park Circle and the entire MLS compared to June 2020.

Park Circle Market Stats - June 2021

Average Sales Price

Park Circle: up 14.7% ($377,137)
Entire MLS: up 27.8% ($498,244)

Price Per Sq Ft

Park Circle: up 15.6% ($244)
MLS: up 26.5% ($234)
Park Circle

Dollar Volume Sold

Park Circle: up 89.5% ($14,331,189)
Entire MLS: up 50.6% ($1,212,227,843)

Homes for Sale

Park Circle: down 54.4% (26)
Entire MLS: down 66.6% (1558)

Median Days on Market

Park Circle: down 90.6% (3 days)
Entire MLS: down 84.2% (3 days)

Months Supply/Inventory

Park Circle: down 69% (0.9 Months)
Entire MLS: down 75.9% (0.7 Months)

This shows how long the current inventory of properties would last at the current rate of sales.

If no new properties were added to the market, and sales continued at a steady pace, this means that it would take 0.9 months to sell ALL the properties in Park Circle.

A balanced market would be 6 months of inventory.

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