Client Testimonial – Paul N.

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Hi! I’ve worked with Neil on 3 real estate transactions in the past 2 years. Each transaction was seamless. Neil is very responsive in answering all my questions, and continues to answer my questions long after the deals are done. Neil knows his business well and that instills confidence and trust in his clients. Neil, I’ll be contacting you in about 2 years for our next transaction. Now, if only I could get Neil to go running with me. Thanks for all your help, Neil! 

– Paul Notaro

In September of 2018, Paul reached out to me through my website looking for a home in the Park Circle area. He was moving from out of state so he wanted somebody who he could trust to make sure that he was making the right decision. I absolutely enjoy clients in these situations because it gives me a chance to show them that they’re in good hands and that I’m someone who will always look out for their best interests.

In less than a week, we were able to find the perfect Park Circle home (off-market, no less!) and Paul was able to move-in and start enjoying the Park Circle lifestyle. As an avid runner, one thing that I love about Paul is his attempt to get me to start running as well (one day Paul…one day).

In September of 2020, Paul contacted me again to inquire about the possibility of selling his home and moving to another new home that offered more amenities and the possibility of a greater return on investment. When people ask my opinion, I try to give them an answer that gives them every pro and con and then let them make the decision. If it means that I don’t get to list your property because it’s better for you to stay put, then I’ll make sure to tell you that. I think it’s what makes me a little different.

In Paul’s case, he decided that the best thing for him was to sell his home and move into another one and I was glad to help him accomplish both while keeping him on track, never stressed, and guiding him throughout the process so that it felt seamless. That’s what I do.

Thank you, Paul for trusting me to be your Realtor.

Client Testimonial - Real Deal with Neil

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