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Park Circle LIVE Market Monitor

Park Circle Neighborhood Housing Market Info

Park Circle Market Monitor As a Realtor and specialist in the Park Circle neighborhood it's my job to know exactly how well the market is going at any given time. How I do that is by analyzing the latest market statistics provided by my local Realtors association. As a potential buyer or seller, this information can be invaluable. Below are specific market statistics that show the progress in Park...

Charleston Market Update

Park Circle Market Update 2014

Park Circle Short Market Update 2014 Check out the infogram below showing Median Sales Price, Days on Market before a Sale and Avg. Sales Price for properties in the Park Circle neighborhood in North Charleston. Interested in finding a home in Park Circle? Check out available properties for sale...

Home Buyer Market Analysis 2014

Home Buyer Market Forecast 2014

Home Buyer Market Forecast 2014 2013 was a good year for real estate.  House prices all around the country went up indicating a rebound in the housing market.  In the past year a number of my clients who purchased new homes were able to secure very good interest rates, with some in the 3.25% to 3.75% range, however as we moved towards the end of the year, I noticed that rates were creeping up to...

Charleston Market Update

Charleston Market Update August 2013

Charleston Market Update - Are we in a Buyers market or a Sellers market? Are we in a buyer's market or a seller's market?  Knowing this information can help you when you decide to start your home search.  When you're in a buyer's market it means that there are more homes available than there are people who want to buy it, so when a buyer finds a home they like, that seller will do almost anything to...

Park Circle Average Sales Price

Park Circle Market Update

Park Circle Market Update If you are a potential home buyer thinking about moving into the Park Circle area then hopefully this Park Circle market update will give you insights into the current housing market and hopefully provide you with good information to make a sound decision.  The first thing we'll look at is the average sales price of homes in the Park Circle area.  As you can see by the graph...

Charleston Home Market Update

Charleston Home Market Update Still waiting to buy your new home?  Don't wait too long because you might find that today could be the best time to buy.  With interest rates still low and prices remaining reasonable now would be a good time to start looking.  Why not get a free list of homes in your desired neighborhood today by filling out my free list of homes by email form.  Judging from the...

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