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Lowcountry Street Grocery

Lowcountry Street Grocery

Lowcountry Street Grocery You may have noticed a big green bus parked on the street in Park Circle's olde business district last week. That green bus is known as the "Lowcountry Street Grocery", a mobile farmer's market with a mission to make healthy, local food affordable and accessible for Charleston residents. They took an old classic school bus and turned it into a grocery store on wheels that...

Barrel House Spirits - Park Circle

Barrel House Spirits – Park Circle

Barrel House Spirits - Park Circle Today I had the opportunity to visit the newest business to open up in Park Circle, Barrel House Spirits. The fact that I was visiting a liquor store in the middle of the day should not concern you, but I hope that once you read this there will be more of you who stop by to visit in the future. Today marks the 2nd month anniversary of Barrel House Spirits and things...

Quisqueya Deli & Groceries - Park Circle, North Charleston - Real Deal with Neil

Quisqueya Deli and Groceries – Park Circle

Quisqueya Deli and Groceries - NOW CLOSED The Quisqueya Deli and Grocery store is a hidden gem.  Don't let the barred windows fool you.  Located in the heart of Park Circle, this neighborhood deli and grocery store has been here for over 7 years.  Personally, I've walked past those barred windows almost every day for the past couple years, and really never had a reason to go in until last Friday. ...

Mixson Market - Park Circle

Mixson Market

Mixson Market - a market located in Park Circle offering unique gourmet foods, drinks, desserts, produce and more! I finally had the chance to stop by the Mixson Market in Park Circle on Saturday because I had heard so much about it, and I wanted to see it for myself! This quaint little market tucked away in the Mixson development is one cool place where locals and visitors to Park Circle can hang...

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