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Metronome - Insider Guide to Music in Charleston, SC -Real Deal with Neil

Metronome - Insider Guide to the Music Scene in Charleston, SC - Real Deal with Neil

Living in Charleston, SC is more than just beaches, food and historic walks.  For those in the know, a move to Charleston is also an opportunity to see and hear amazing musicians playing at any one of hundreds of live music venues in the city.  Wherever you decide to buy a house in the Charleston area, you can be sure that you won’t be too far from any of the hundreds of music venues around town.  You might be saying to yourself, “Well, if only there was a website that could give me all the news and info on the Charleston music scene and give me a list of venues!”  Well, you’re in luck!  Because now there is such a site!  The website is called “Metronome Charleston” and it is a comprehensive independent online resource providing coverage of the lowcountry’s music scene.  Check it out and see you at a show soon!







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