March 2014

Charleston Recess @ Mixson Bath and Racquet Club

Charleston Recess @ Mixson Bath & Racquet Club

Charleston Recess @ Mixson Bath and Racquet Club As if Park Circle needed another event to show why we're one of the best neighborhoods in Charleston...Charleston's most exclusive Day Party series is coming to the Mixson Bath & Racquet club! As a local realtor specializing in Park Circle and a member of the Mixson club, I am always on the lookout for events that increase the exposure of the...

Oak Terrace Manor - Ashbrook Floor Plan

Oak Terrace Manor – Park Circle

Oak Terrace Manor - Park Circle If you have driven through the Oak Terrace Preserve neighborhood you may have noticed a small subdivision of large brick homes located adjacent to the community. This small neighborhood is called Oak Terrace Manor and is located off of Iroquis St. by East Dolphin St. A large patch of undeveloped land will now be converted into 12 spacious lots that will complete the Oak...

Sawdust Wood Co.

Sawdust Wood Co. Pop-Up Shop

Sawdust Wood Co. Pop-Up Shop As an avid supporter of all things local, I like to feature things that are unique and useful. The locally owned and operated Sawdust Wood Co. is one of those companies. Sawdust Wood Co. creates handmade hardwood cutting boards from locally sourced wood from right here in Charleston, SC.  The company is the creation of Boston-bred Jack Manchester who after creating a...

This is Charleston

This is Charleston

Want a reason to move to Charleston?  If you haven't seen it yet, here's a great video done by College of Charleston Sports that shows off the beauty of Charleston and shows what it has to offer.  Although most of the footage is from the peninsula, you'll find similar beauty in places like Park Circle, West Ashley or Mount Pleasant. This is Charleston! If you are interested in moving to...

The Brew Cellar

The Brew Cellar - Park Circle's Newest Source for Craft Beer! I like to think of myself as a beer aficionado, a beer connoisseur, if you will, but I know that's not exactly true. Don't get me wrong, I'll still drink Coors Light if you give it to me (it's the drink-ability - don't judge me!). This afternoon I had an opportunity to visit one of Park Circle's newest businesses, "The Brew Cellar". I spoke...

Hunley Waters Last Phase Incentives

Hunley Waters Enters Last Phase

Hunley Waters Enters Last Phase North Charleston's only waterfront, gated community is entering it's last phase! This 36 home community located along Noisette Creek in the Park Circle neighborhood is close to completion and NOW is a great time to get a deal on one of their last remaining homes. If you go under contract before April 30, 2014 on one of their existing homes or build a new home on an...

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